My research is situated at the interface of digital humanities, media studies, visual studies, and interpretable machine learning/explainable artificial intelligence. My dissertation studies the epistemology and aesthetics of convolutional neural networks. Other research interests include the history, theory, exhibition, and preservation of digital art.

Accepted Articles in Preparation

   Fabian Offert, Peter Bell, "Generative Digital Humanities. Synthetic Methods for Data Augmentation", in: Debates in the Digital Humanities, forthcoming 2020

   Fabian Offert, Peter Bell, "Perceptual Bias and Technical Meta-Images. Critical Machine Vision as a Humanities Challenge", in: AI & Society, forthcoming 2020

   Fabian Offert, "KI und bildende Kunst", in: de Gruyter Handbuch KI und die Künste, forthcoming 2020

   Fabian Offert, "Learning Physics with Computers. Neural Network Images in the Sciences", in: media+environment, forthcoming 2020

   Peter Bell, Fabian Offert, "Reflections on Connoisseurship and Computer Vision ", in: Journal of Art Historiography, forthcoming 2020

Published Articles

   Fabian Offert, "Critical Machine Vision. Epistemology and Aesthetics of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks", dissertation University of California, Santa Barbara, 2020

   Fabian Offert, "Hands on Circuits. Preserving the Semantic Surplus of Circuit-Level Functionality with Programmable Logic Devices", in: Hands on Media History, ed. by John Ellis, Nick Hall, London: Routledge, 2020   

   Fabian Offert, "The Past, Present, and Future of AI Art", in: The Gradient / Skynet Today, 2019

   Fabian Offert, "Exhibiting AI Art", in: M.A.D.E, Santa Barbara: University of California, Santa Barbara, 2019   

   Fabian Offert, "Images of Image Machines. Visual Interpretability in Computer Vision for Art", in: Proceedings of the European Conference on Computer Vision, Springer, 2018

   Fabian Offert, Teddy Roland, Devin Cornell, "Word Embeddings for Restricted Access Corpora", WE1S Research Blog, 2018

   Fabian Offert, "Beyond the Scenes. Sasha Waltz's Objects and Installations Between Theater and the Visual Arts", in: Sasha Waltz. Installations, Objects, Performances, ed. by Peter Weibel et. al., Ostfildern: Hatje-Cantz, 2015   

   Fabian Offert, "The Poetic Algorithm or What Happened to Software Art", in: Open Sources, ed. by Fabian Offert and Juan Manuel Escalante, Santa Barbara: University of California, Santa Barbara, 2015   

   Fabian Offert, "Jonas Mekas on Video", in: Jonas Mekas: 365 Day Project, Karlsruhe: ZKM | Center for Art and Media, 2014

Invited Talks

   "The Best Sense Organs That Money Can Buy. Deep Neural Networks as Image-Making Machines", Hebrew University of Jerusalem, February 2020

   "Hallucinating Science with Neural Networks", transmediale 2020, Berlin, February 2020

   "Invention as Discovery. Synthetic Images in Science and Art", Image Servitude conference, Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe, November 2019

   "Learning Physics with Computers. Synthetic Image Data as a „New“ New Medium in Science and Art", Modeling the Pacific conference, University of California, Santa Barbara, October 2019

   "Notes on the Aesthetics and Epistemology of Interpretable Machine Learning", MAT Seminar Series, University of California, Santa Barbara, October 2018   

   "Notes on the Aesthetics of Artificial Intelligence", Exploring Edges: International Colloquium on the Digital Humanities, Architecture, Artistic Research, and Criticial Technical Practice, EPFL Lausanne, July 2017


   "Images as Data. Visual Culture and Machine Learning", Hebrew University of Jerusalem, February 2020

   "Adversarial Hacking", transmediale, Berlin, February 2020

   "Images of Image Machines. Theory and Practice of Interpretable Machine Learning for the Digitial Humanities", European Summer University in Digital Humanities, Leipzig, July 2019


DH 2020, Ottawa
DHd 2020, Paderborn
Digital Art History. Methods, Practices, Epistemologies II, Zagreb University, 2019
RE-IMAGINING AI doctoral workshop, FHNW/IXDM, 2019
ECCV 2018 VISART workshop
International Workshop on the Material Authenticity of the Ephemeral, Deutsches Museum Munich, 2018
SPT2017: The Grammar of Things, TU Darmstadt, 2017
NIPS 2017 Symposium on Interpretable Machine Learning
[image here] conference, Harvard University, 2016
Hands on History conference, University of London, 2016
Radical Ephemeralities Conference, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2015
SIGGRAPH Asia 2015, Kobe


   Interview on SWR2 (in German), 2013   

   Fabian Offert. "Information, Konzept, Berechenbarkeit. Zum Computer als Medium der Kunst" (diploma thesis, in German), Gießen: Justus-Liebig-Universität, 2012